J & N House

Project made by two professional

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Sustainable houses

Our house is sustainable, it respects the environment. We use reycled materials like glass plywood or solarpanels.


Movable house

the house is made by two containers, so it can be moved all around the world. Using a container allows us to reduce the cost of the entire house.


On this part we can see the routing from two simple containers to a fine-looking house

All layers

From the bottom to the top we have: the concret base, metal sheet from the containers, polyuretan isolant, and heated wooden floor.

Sustainable system

Then you can see strong point of our house they are sustainable systeme. All of this is enviromental friendly,it allows to reduce the enviomental cost

Heat pump

Air to water heat pumps can provide efficient heating and cooling for your household. Heat pump can offer from one and a half up to 3 times more thermal energy to a home than the electricity it spends.

Solar panels

The house is made by three solar panel. We have 25m², so it's enough to supply a large family.

Heated floor

Heating floor is the best way to be confortable in a house. Underfloor heating and cooling is a form of central heating and cooling which achieves indoor climate control for thermal comfort.

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